The evil mind of zionism
Not all jews are zionists but zionists are all jews. The goyim they use to do their dirty work are the dim witted freemason thugs who think calling each other grand makes all their evil tendencies valid. The elitist arm of the jewish race are pure evil and do not see their murderous escapades in Gaza as anything but getting rid of, in their eyes anyway, the useless eaters.

Murder is classed as defending the right to totally dominate the Middle East with America's approval, cooperation and the vast arsenal of weapons that ensures the twisted foreign policy of America always favours the zionist tendency to dominate while claiming victim status. That is despite the fact that most of the worlds trillionaires and billionaires are ALL zionists while continuing to plead they are being persecuted.

Israel has enough weapons of mass destruction to destroy the world yet the west's bought and paid for political leaders seldom issue even a whimper about how Israel's thugs and bullies are murdering with impunity meanwhile ranting endlessly about the holocaust as if that gives them the right to justify their carnage.

Zionism is the satanic kabbalistic evil that encompasses the globe aided and abetted by Britain's royal mafia and their loyal lord Lieutenant the Dukey Kent grand master of the world's zionist / freemason thuggery that emanates out of UGLE in Great Queen Street, London. The peasants of the world will continue to suffer while the billionaire zionists are buying off every arm of the state and the political scum who with their Friends of Israel banners have all signed their souls away to the devil during their masonic oath swearing initiation ceremonies. That very extreme influence now affecting how Britain's elections are being manipulated by their lackeys that run the compliant media. Only zionist funded parties getting most of the publicity.

  • There are issues that really matter at this election. But Britainís media are ignoring them